Second AC Customer

1st April, 2015 - Posted by Katie - Comments Off

I went into work early to see what my work schedule was going to be like for the day. Surprisingly, I had an easy day and was only scheduled to do five air conditioning inspections in the same city. I knew this was going to be an early day, and I still get paid my salary. I was working on the unit at my second customers house, and a beautiful woman came out and started with the small talk. She asked me what I was doing after work, and if I wanted to have a couple of drinks with her. I could not believe that she was flirting with me while I was working. I met her at the pool hall after I went home and showered for a couple of drinks. While we were playing a game of darts, I asked her what she does for a living, and she told me that she works for the Birmingham escort agency.

Never Would Have Imagined

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I never thought these functions would get any better or even any more exciting. All my co-workers and I do is sit around a table at a restaurant and drink, discussing the company’s issues. Although we are able to drink during these brief meetings, the conversations are enough to kill anyone’s buzz. The other night after hours of web surfing I came across the Derby escort agency. I decided that maybe going through them would be beneficial to my state of mind during these work functions. I couldn’t have made a better choice. After bringing my escort to one of the meetings, I decided that maybe this could be a routine for me. She added spice to every conversation and made everyone of my co-workers blush, even with their wife sitting right beside them. Not only did I like my new friend, but so didn’t everyone sitting around the table.

I want my BFF back!

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My BFF has completely changed her life since she has been working for the Gatwick escort agency. We used to hang out every day and now I am lucky if I see her once a month, it really makes me angry because I miss her! She sees about 6 clients a day and I get worried that something bad may happen to her. Don’t get me wrong, she is making great money and has everything that she has ever wanted in her life. The rest of the time she spends with her new boyfriend that cheats on her all the time, she still stays with him! I am keeping my faith and hoping that soon we can repair our breaking relationship. I don’t think that it will ever be the same but I am keeping my hopes up and my doors open to her. Hopefully soon we will be able to appreciate our once had relationship again!

Living Our Childhood Dreams

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I will never forget the experience I had with Leicester escorts last summer. I had arrived with my two girlfriends on a Friday evening and we had just got done unpacking when a younger lady in the hotel hallway brought up the agency to us. We laughed it off at first, but after deep consideration we decided that it could be a good time. Not even ten minutes later we called the agency and got to escorts for us for the following night. We still giggled back and forth about what we had done, but when we finally met the guys the next night, we instantly stopped. They were beyond perfect. Handsome face, great smile, excellent body and an even better personality. It felt like we were living our childhood dreams of our first crushes. The start to our night could not be explained no matter how hard we tried.

Soon To Be Divorced

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One of our friends has been pretty out of control lately and drinking a lot, I think that he will soon be divorced. He will stop by our house when he gets off work at noon with a 12 pack ready to drink the day away. His wife calls him constantly to come home because she is fearful for his forty minute ride home. If he loses his license, I am pretty sure that he will probably lose his job and it is a very good one at that! He makes a ton of money and is never shy to spend money on anything that comes up. Last week he called and said he was stopping by with a new friend of his, a Sheffield escorts companion. She walked in with a very short skirt on and was not that pretty but she was just hanging all over him the entire time, I am sure she is in it for the money!

A Great Impression

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So I hired Nottingham escort agency had for my 50th class reunion last weekend. I wanted to show all my old friends up with a beautiful lady and expensive suit. I know I really shouldn’t be someone I’m not but all my friends are living the high life now and I am still the same old guy that has been doing the same thing for 25 years. I don’t want everyone thinking I am some bum that has done nothing with his life so it was important to me to do what I did. It sucks I had to lie, but it the long run there last impression of me will be a very good one. To me, that is what truly makes me happy. Opinions are everything in my world.

An Early Night

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My brother set me up on a date with this chick from the Mansfield escort agency last night. I was a little humilated that I couldn’t find a date on my own, but it was definetely worth the embarrasment. We didn’t do a whole lot last night, but we enjoyed a nice dinner together and did a little dancing at the club down the road from the restaurant. After it was all said and done, I went back home only to find my brother waiting for me. He had the worlds biggest grin, like he had just done me the ultimate favor. In a way he did, but he definetely could have picked a better time. I had to work this morning at 5:00 A.M., so that is why I did not stay out to late with my date. If I did, I probably would have had a horrible day at work as it is shipment day and requires all of my focus and energy.

Risky Ride Home

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I have had a fuck buddy as a kind friend to me for several years. For months for some reason she kept getting under my skin. I knew it was time to start searching for another friend. My work schedule is pretty busy so I knew it would probably take a while to find someone. I went on a company trip for two weeks, came home and was immediately ready to hit the bar. The bartender served me so many drinks that I could barely walk. I was wondering how I was going to get home and why she never cut me off! Once the bar closed I started walking home and a woman pulled over and asked me if I needed a ride. I know these days that it is risky to do this but I took the chance. We still talk to this day and she is a great friend with benefits!